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Rules & Regulations

  • Committees
  • General Rules
  • Hostel Rules
  • Discipline
  • Vacation
  • S.N.A. Committee
  • Anti Ragging Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Health Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Communication / Recreation Committee
  • Mess Committee
  • Discipline Committee
  • Catering Committee
  • All students must follow the rules and regulations of the college strictly.
  • Regular attendance in theory classes, demonstrations and practical's is compulsory.
  • Shift duties must be done by students as per the curriculum.
  • Those who are having 80% attendance in theory and 100% in clinical can only appear in the final/university examination.
  • One night stay per month is allowed to all students and in case of emergency if anyone wish to extend the leave, proper permission is required beforehand.
  • Taking leave from college without any knowledge or permission will be considered as absentism, for which the students have to do the make-up duties.
  • All the fees, mess money or any other dues should be paid before 10th of every month.
  • To appear in the examination 80% theory and 100% clinical attendance is required.
  • Involvement of any student in any political activities, conducting meetings inside the premises etc. is strictly banned.
  • The institution is not responsible for any valuables or debts of the students.
  • Drug addiction, consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking, keeping any weapons etc, is strictly prohibited and if anyone noticed they must immediately report to principal/Director.
  • No visitors are allowed during college hours or in clinical hours.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed during college or while on duty.
  • Students are not allowed to change their duties on their own.
  • Different committees are made to solve the problems of students in a proper and systematic way from which the students should seek consultation whenever required.
  • Transport facility is available in the college for all students.
  • Switch off the lights and fans when it is not in use.
  • Class- representatives are responsible to keep discipline and cleanliness of concerned classes.
  • Dressing pattern of the students must be acceptable to the authorities. For any type of problems, students can approach their class in charges.
  • The students must wear their uniform in most appropriate and dignified way.

The Institute has 2 separate hostel buildings, each 3 storied, for all nursing students. Rooms are well ventilated and spacious. Hostel is situated at the backside of college in the same campus to ensure security. Building is constructed safely with high walls around. 24hrs electricity facility is provided with generators.

The diet provided to the students in the hostel is a balanced diet for which the menu is prepared with the help of the dietician in our hospital. A 24 hr warden is on duty to look after the students. All students are provided a cupboard, one table & chair and bed. Enough bath rooms & toilets are there. Hot water supply is available in the bathrooms. Sufficient workers are there to keep the hostel neat & clean. Entertainment facilities, spacious mess, hygienic food, sick room, common room, a beautiful garden and greenery outside makes the students to live happily. All the indoor and outdoor games are available. To maintain the discipline in the college and the Hostel, rules & regulations are made with the consultation of director, principal, staff members and the students of the institute. Vehicle is available in hostel campus for students in case of emergency.

For the security of the hostel, security staff is available and the hostel is under CCTV camera surveillance. Discipline has to be maintained strictly.

  • Hostel is only for Girls and no male person is allowed to enter the hostel premises.
  • Wards are not allowed to entertain their relatives or friends in hostel rooms.
  • All electrical appliances are strictly prohibited in hostel and if found, penalty will be imposed.
  • Minimize the member of visitors and it is highly appreciable if only the parents and real brother/sisters visit the wards.
  • When night stay is allowed once in a month, it's the duty & responsibility of the parents to take and leave back the students to hostel in right time. If any emergency arise parents must inform the concerned authority for extending the leave with reason.
  • Daily evening prayer is compulsory for all the hostel students where the night attendance will be marked.
  • Do not bring any heavy cash, gold ornaments costly mobiles in the hostel. The authorities are not responsible for any loss.
  • Visitors are allowed only on Sundays and outing is allowed with parents, only with the prior permission from college authority.
  • Students must be very careful about usage of electricity. Light and fans must be switched off when they leave the room and not in use. If any negligence is found, penalty will be imposed.
  • If anyone falls sick, it should be immediately reported to warden in order to prepare proper food for them.
  • Students should strictly observe the mess timings.
  • No student is allowed in the cooking area.
  • Students are not allowed to come in the mess with the hair open.
  • Nobody is allowed to take their food to room from the mess.
  • If the students venture out of the hostel, they should be properly dressed.
  • The staff can search the room of the student ithout any prior intimation.
  • Borrowing from other students should be avoided.
  • Any type of dishonesty or disobedience if found, you may be rusticated from the hostel.

Extreme co-operation of all students and parents is solicited to maintain DISCIPLINE in the girls hostel.

To develop proper attitude of a spirit of devoted service for the humanity, we provide the best quality nursing service in well-disciplined manner. Co-operation of each one of you is needed for the peaceful environment.

  • The institution's lays exceptional emphasis on the inculcation and maintenance of discipline. Students are expected to show proper respect to their teachers and officials of the institution and to be polite in their dealings with one another.
  • The institution's property is a society. It is in no way to be tampered with or disfigured. The defacing of walls and furniture with pencil, knife etc. or chalk or ink-marks is strictly prohibited. Strict action will be taken against the defaulters.
  • The students should never take the law into their own hands, whatsoever the provocation. Cases of disputes /quarrels should be reported immediately to the Senior Tutor/ Principal.
  • Acts of indiscipline and misconduct will attract -severe punishment which may include heavy fine, suspension, expulsion or rustication etc.
  • Permission from the Principal must be obtained for meetings to be held anywhere in the college premises. Failing to do so will be treated as an act of indiscipline.
  • No society, Club or Association will be recognized or allowed to function unless the approval of the Principal, in regard to its formation and constitution, has been obtained.
  • All literary and cultural function in the Institution will be held under the auspices of the students Central Association/Societies/Clubs recognized by the institution. Any violation of this rule will amount to gross indiscipline for which the students found guilty will be liable to punishment.
  • All the students are given 7 days preparatory leaves before Nursing Council Examination. Also they are given one month vacations in one calendar year. Each student is entitled to get 10 days sick leave per year. If it is extended than make ups (Extra duties) are required to be done during vacation.