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Teaching Methodology

Teaching methods at the Sidhu Educational and Research Institute include lectures, group discussions, live demonstration, case studies, seminars, field visits to various areas of medical sciences for clinical practice e.g. Medical Ward, Surgical Ward, Maternity Ward, Gynae Ward, Labour-Room, Gynae OPD, Gynae OT, Orthopadic Ward, Paediatric Ward, Psychiatrice Ward, ICU, CCU, Dialysys Unit etc.

Demonstration Lab

Nursing is an art and science that needs a lot of practice. The demonstration lab is the practical area of the students where they perform all nursing procedures prior to the exposure to the clinical field. The faculty uses the lab for various demonstrations of procedures in nursing. This spacious laboratory is well equipped with a chase doll, patient stimulator, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation mannequin, life form hand simulator etc. in addition to the facilities in an ideal ward situation.

Anatomy Lab

This lab provides the knowledge of human body and its functions. So here various preserved human organs are kept. Besides this, torso, skeleton, articulated and disarticulated bones and models depicting various body systems displayed on boards and three dimensional charts. Teachers use these materials for teaching as well as for the practical learning of the students.

Community Lab

In this lab students are practically trained to give health care and prepare community bags equipped with some basic medicines and articles needed to the students during for health education, College health programme, health camps, exhibitions and projects. Community Health Nursing experience is provided to the students at Public Health Centres (PHCs) in addition to AIMS' community health centre.

Nutrition Lab

Here students are trained to learn various types of foods, their functions in the body and their nutritive value. The preparation of different diets required in different diseases like renal, hypertension, diabetes, burn, malnutrition etc. without losing nutrients under the guidance of a qualified dietitian. Lab is fully equipped with cooking utensils articles, gas stoves and cooking shelves etc. for the practice of the students. They will also use this lab to prepare different types of exhibits required to conduct various health educational programmes.

Computer Lab

The computer laboratory enables students to develop their abilities in the application of software in health and education. We have State-of-Art computer lab equipped with latest Pentium computers with internet facility. It has been established for preparing complete database of nursing staff and students. In this way our nursing students will be able to seek good knowledge of computer professionals.

Library and Reading Room

There is a big, well ventilated and well equipped library in the institute maintained by a qualified librarian. It has a wide range of rare imported and Indian books on different subjects along with invaluable reference books. A number of newspapers, magazines and journals, both national and international, are subscribed to and kept in the Reading Room portion of the library. An experience and qualified librarian helps the students in selection of appropriate reading material. Internet facility is also available here. There are several special places where students can conduct serious study individually.

College Mess

In our College is felicitated a very big mess in which approximately 100 students can have their meals at a time. The environment of mess is neat and clean. Hygienic food is provided to the students here. Variety of delicious and healthy cuisines are prepared by the men workers. Worker prepare meals with proper hygienic methods and served to the student at 3 intervals. Checking is done by the dietician department time to time. Filtered drinking water is used here.

Common Room

Our College is embellished with a big common room. Its ambience is fabulous. It is full of facilities and felicitated. Proper ventilation and direct to sunlight which is essential for human being. It is furnished with proper furniture for students' convenience.


The College has separate spacious hostel for girls. Hostel has cubicles and dormitories for comfortable stay of the students. It has its own cooperative mess, dining hall and a common room with facility of indoors games. The hostellers are provided with facilities of geysers, coolers and fans.

Educational and Social Activities

Educational programmes like Seminars, Workshops, Exhibitions, health awareness programmes and medical camps are arranged. Students actively participate in these programmes under the guidance of faculty. Students are encouraged to visit old age homes and vocational rehabilitation centre etc. to study the needs and care of geriatric patients and physically challenged people.

Cultural Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in cultural activities which are organized in the College for their proper development of personality. InterCollege sport competitions was organized first time in Punjab in our College in which students participated and develop a sense of confidence and achievement.


College have their own College buses for transport. Transport facility is available all the time for the students and staff convenience. Drivers are available for day and night shift.